RUBY store is created for people who are looking for something new and interesting to spice up their lives. Our team has gathered the most stylish glasses from different origins and now wants to share them with others.

The history of the store’s brands stretches to different places in Europe, for example the brand dp69, which was started by relatives in Italy as a handicraft, wanting to create something more special than ordinary sunglasses.

Collections are designed for all genders and ages, with different price range so that everyone can still buy something modern and fashionable.


Our team’s goal was to bring together a variety of unique brands and offer them in our own product range. The store team specialises in finding the most unique and enjoyable accessories. The ambition is to offer, more than just high quality sunglasses or blue light glasses.


Our vision is to push everyone expresses themselves in a unique and uninhibited way. We want to see people wearing comfortable and stylish glasses that make them look better in a second. We hope to see people having a positive experience with our e-store, where customers feel welcome and get professional help by writing to us:).